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Wizards of ‘Oss’ celebrate a brand new day

Some months ago we dedicated a blog to a new cooperation between Vivenics and Nous Labautomation Support. We ended the blog by saying that in case the cooperation would fail we can still decide to rob a bank. We are more than happy to tell you that we will not continue as partners in crime after all as, even sooner than anticipated, our efforts have resulted in our first assignment.

Proliferation of software

An R&D organization asked us to investigate their entire application landscape and provide a presentation of the apps mapped on business processes and organization structure. In other words: what particular software is being used for which particular processes and departments. It wouldn’t be the first company to have various software solutions in use for environments (labs) and processes that are actually quite similar. This kind of fragmentation may be attributed to the fact that many labs have traditionally been relatively autonomous departments. In other cases, takeovers, mergers and reorganizations may be the culprits. Based on our survey, a strategy will be distracted by the client to put a halt to this proliferation and streamline the IT architecture throughout their organization.

Reduced TCO

This will more than likely translate into substantial synergies in terms of standardization, reduced TCO and quality improvement, including data integrity. Data exchange and use of standards like Allotrope or AnIML will become much easier and training and maintenance of the software can be centralized. Also, less suppliers of both software and lab equipment will significantly bring down the costs of license fees and offer economies of scale respectively. At the same time, it eases the transfer of staff from one lab to the other, either individually or as a group in case of temporary overcapacity. Thanks to our expertise in R&D and QC and being accustomed to working with standardized formats and frameworks, we can accomplish these surveys in a matter of weeks rather than months.

What particular line of business you are in is irrelevant and may range from food and process engineering to life science and the petrochemical industry. Having earned our spurs in lab automation, we can even act as software supplier ourselves and meet that demand as well. So what is keeping you from celebrating your ‘brand new day’?

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