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Vivenics enables R&D Informatics Portal with IDBS as partner

Oss 21-dec-2012, Vivenics signed off a partner agreement with ID Business Solutions (IDBS) in a new and exiting business model offering their solutions in the Vivenics Informatics Portal!!

Together with IDBS Vivenics will offer their customers a complete data management solution based on IDBS software suite existing of Activitybase suite, eWorkBook suite and the SAR suite.

With self developed tools Vivenics is now able to offer a full service of tools to manage your data in a SaaS model. Vivenics will make sure you’ll be able to input, track, process and store and retrieve all your important data in a secure Data room located in a “private cloud” in the Netherlands.

R&D Companies will now be able to use the Vivenics Informatics Portal to click and use the service based on a rental basis enabling the customers to turn it on and off per month.

Want to now more about this service, contact !

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