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Vivenics and Tenwise join forces for new Dotmatics applications

TenWise and Vivenics join forces for the development of new applications for the Dotmatics platform. The current Dotmatics platform contains chemo-informatics tools that researchers use for analysing chemical structures. In this collaboration Vivenics will integrate the TenWise KMAP platform for literature mining into the Dotmatics platform. The connected KMAP platform adds biological knowledge to chemical compounds from millions of scientific publications. This results in new applications that bring more valuable workflows for compound evaluation and target discovery.

“We welcome TenWise as our partner for extending the capabilities of the Dotmatics suite of applications. TenWise provides access to its KMAP platform for literature mining. Part of KMAP are underlying databases containing chemical compound information that TenWise is able to search to find similar chemical structures to the novel compounds in an automated way. The latter aspect is very important for scalability and user friendliness in software solutions”, says Petrik Cuijpers, Managing Director at Vivenics.

“This joint development fits well in the existing partnership we have with Vivenics. Whereas TenWise specialises in leveraging knowledge from abstracts and full papers at the back-end, Vivenics has proven to be capable of bringing software applications for the Dotmatics platform to its customers. Amongst its existing client base active in drug discovery, Vivenics has identified a clear need of leveraging all potential biological knowledge in the public domain as a means to potentially save time and resources“, comments Dr. Wynand Alkema, CSO of TenWise.

A joint development agreement between the companies has been signed and Vivenics obtains a commercial license on the use of KMAP via the KMINE REST-API. The companies aim to bring the first joint product, a compound profiler, to market in the summer of 2021.


Vivenics boosts innovation and productivity in life sciences labs through data process optimisation and dedicated informatics solutions. Highly qualified experts, with roots in R&D, translate the demands of management and lab professionals into smart, affordable solutions.

TenWise offers text mining solutions by providing access to its KMAP and performs dedicated multi-omics analyses for industry and academia in life sciences and food. The company is based in Leiden, the Netherlands and works for clients around the world.


Want to know more? Please visit our website: or contact Nils Hijlkema, , +31 6 1171 8915. or contact Petrik Cuijpers,, +31 88 8483 100.



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