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Vivenics and Dotmatics join forces

We are happy, and a bit proud, to announce that Vivenics has recently entered into a partnership with Dotmatics. Dotmatics is a global informatics solution and service provider that was founded in 2005 as a spin-out from MSD UK. The UK-based company has successfully challenged established IT suppliers in life sciences ever since. Their innovative and agile approach has allowed them to attract major players in the pharma arena which benefit from a state-of-the-art high quality technology platform that adapts to the ever changing needs of our customers.

North-west Europe 

Although operating worldwide, there was still a representation gap in north-west Europe. This is where Vivenics enters the picture. With ample experience and expertise in life sciences R&D processes and the automation thereof, we can now offer an even more comprehensive and innovative software suite to support all R&D data flow activities including patent filing. Vivenics will act as implementation and support partner of Dotmatics in The Netherlands and other countries in the region like Switzerland, Germany and Scandinavia. Existing customers can now also be offered supplementary solutions.

Our implementation and support services are related to the following Dotmatics solutions:

  • Browser for electronic (chemical) lab journals (ELN);
  • Studies for biological research and analyses;
  • Vortex for data visualisation and (big data) analyses.

Employee trainings

With agreements being signed and employees being trained as we speak, we should be ‘ready for combat’ in a matter of weeks. To show our commitment and deepen our knowledge of Dotmatics products, we will be attending their interactive user group meeting in Cambridge on topics such as roadmap and data fusion in research environments later this month. We really look forward to both expanding our services and working closely together with a partner that has all it takes to bring the Lab of the Future yet another step closer.

For more information about our brand-new partnership and how your organisation can benefit from it, please contact Petrik Cuijpers

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