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Vive Glennis Grace! Vive La Hollande! Vive….Nics?

A few weeks ago, millions of people in The Netherlands were glued to their screens, either TV, laptop or smartphone. Why? Because one of our best singers, Glennis Grace, was just a toe nail away from winning America’s Got Talent. It made us wonder if there is anything we can learn from her success and the way she had managed to improve herself time and time again. We did in fact find something and you can rest assured: we are not signing up for our very own audition.

Open to criticism

Being the kind of people to always work behind the scenes, we were particularly impressed by the courage Glennis showed by going out there and perform in front of a big crowd. The mere thought of being subsequently judged by someone like Simon Cowell already makes us hyperventilate. The beauty of it all is that rather than hoping, or even expecting, the jury to simply acknowledge her incredible talent, Glennis was clearly open to criticism which she used as input to come back on stage even stronger. So where does that leave us at Vivenics?

Be our judge!

We have been keeping you informed, and hopefully ‘entertained’, on the ins and outs of our industry by writing blogs for some 18 months now. Judging from web analytics such as click-through rates, many of you seem to have appreciated our stories so far. Contrary to people like Glennis, however, we lack tangible feedback in terms of criticism, suggestions for improvement or maybe even applause. Looking for ways to improve ourselves and our services, just like our beloved Glennis, we invite all of you to be our ‘judges’ and let us know what you think. You don’t have to go easy on us. Be our very own Mel, Heidi, Howie or even Simon!

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