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Vivenics Seasons Greetings From Vivenics

Season’s Greetings from Vivenics!

Two years ago we embarked on a brand-new adventure when we decided to take up blogging. Quite honestly, it was even more fun than we had initially anticipated. Looking at the online statistics, we certainly weren’t the only ones! We sincerely thank you all for showing so much interest in Vivenics and its developments.

An additional advantage of blogging is that all posts together serve as a mnemonic in a way. It allows us to see at a glance what we have been busy with, and what has taken up all of our energy. More than anything else, it shows what we have achieved in just two years. Making a successful shift towards data quality/management and science & bioinformatics with additional staff fills us with great pride. With a renewed identity and with renewed energy, we have meanwhile managed to develop a renewed website that reflects a lot better who we are now.

The same goes for our new company slogan “Because Science Is Built On Information”. We hope you like our new website and feel free to share your comments with us. Throughout 2019 we will continue adding interesting and useful content to our website. These articles and newsletters will, however, be more directly linked to the Vivenics services than before. You may expect to see web content such as white papers, use cases, tooling, event reports and even an occasional blog. After all, it is hard to kick some habits. We gladly take the opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and successful 2019!