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People at Vivenics deliver excellent value for money

‘Smart drug development for better patient treatment and value creation’. This mission statement belongs to Swiss-based Debiopharm, a family-owned business with expertise in drug development in Oncology and Infectious Diseases. We have come across mission statements that are a lot less appealing to put it mildly. It’s certainly one that we at Vivenics would like to commit ourselves to. You can imagine how excited we were when Debiopharm actually approached us to get involved!

Licensed out!

René van den Bersselaar is CIO at Debiopharm, located in Lausanne that will celebrate its 40th anniversary next year. The company focuses on in-license promising compounds with innovative modes of action that will provide a real benefit to patients. Says Van den Bersselaar: “Being a family-owned business we conceive and perform creative development and skillful lifecycle management to out-license these projects to pharmaceutical marketing powerhouses. Drug development is value generating at Debiopharm. One of my main goals as CIO is to improve and further structure data management towards pre-clinical and clinical research so that existing data sets can be used for further research. In other words: we want to extract more and ‘intelligent’ information from raw data in order to make predictions for new compounds with the use of AI and Machines Learning. This is where Vivenics enters the picture.”

Experts in data management

“I have known Petrik Cuijpers and some of his colleagues at Vivenics ever since we were colleagues at Organon and Schering-Plough. I left MSD for my current position in Lausanne in 2017 while Petrik left the company years before to start Vivenics. Facing the challenges at Debiopharm as described I immediately knew Vivenics could be of great help. After all, they are experts in data integrity, data management and data validation. On top of that they know the pharmaceutical industry inside out. Before issuing the assignment to Vivenics, we first hired them to make Debiopharm GDPR compliant. Before doing that we had discussed the possibilities with renowned consultancies but what they offered us was way over the top. Vivenics on the other hand offered us exactly what we were looking for with excellent value for money.”

Dotmatics implementation

“I love their no-nonsense approach; they always get straight to-the-point and deliver without delay. Last year, we engaged Dotmatics for the implementation of a chemical electronic lab journal. Throughout 2019 an electronic lab journal needs to be established for our biological research as well. Before pumping all relevant data into the Dotmatics format, the raw data need to be thoroughly cleaned, mapped and validated. Having proven themselves in a way with the GDPR project, we decided to engage Vivenics for this process. Their understanding of our industry, their expertise in the field of data integrity and their understanding of lab automation all come together in this assignment. As they recently entered into a partnership agreement with Dotmatics, they will gradually get ever more involved in working with the Dotmatics format, thus allowing them to further develop into experts in Dotmatics implementations too. Knowing the people at Vivenics, this point will be reached rather sooner than later.”



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