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BioAxis Research
BioAxis Research has a strong Pharma Background in industry-leading cheminformatics and compound analysis. The partnership with Vivenics is focused on the application of KNIME for the analysis of heterogeneous big data sets.

Dotmatics provides comprehensive scientific web-based software solutions including tools for knowledge management, data storage, enterprise search and reporting, and data analysis and visualization for biopharma and scientific organizations. Vivenics consultants are trained in Browser, Studies Notebook and Vortex and can implement this to fit the requirements of your organisation.

Exorgit is dedicated to service and support SMEs on all aspects of ICT, and to ensure that these organisations can focus on their core activities. Exorgit partners with Vivenics in the field of lab automation and to provide its expertise on MS Windows, MS Office and cyber security to clients of Vivenics.

Nous Labautomation Support
Nous Labautomation Support has thorough expertise in the application of IT platforms, business processes and data in Pharma Quality organisations. This knowledge perfectly complements the Vivenics know-how on R&D business and Informatics. The combined expertise has resulted in our Laboratory IT Quick Scan service. The Quick Scan helps to determine gaps and opportunities quickly and to develop a strategy for business and IT improvement.

TenWise offers solutions for biological interpretation of lists of biological entities such as microorganism, human genes, pathways and metabolites derived from ~omics data. TenWise and Vivenics collaborate to develop new products and services in the interplay between text mining and regulatory documentation.

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