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Oh happy data (oh happy data…)!

A few days ago, I was watching a funny sketch by a Dutch comedian. In this particular sketch he is mocking ecofriendly people who, in his opinion, take the empathy for their environment just a little too far. They even ask the grass in their backyard for permission before mowing the lawn in order not to hurt its feelings. No such ‘inconsiderate’ behaviour in the pharma business. After all, research data – unlike grass – indulge in the keen interest of internal and external reviewers. Here, it is the reviewer who should be pitied. If it is up to Vivenics, the suffering will soon be over.

Audit trail review app

Each pharmaceutical company has a legal obligation to thoroughly examine its audit trails on a regular basis. Going through endless numbers of tables with thousands of records, with the vast majority of the data being accurate, it is like looking for a needle in a hay stack. Even when ‘only’ focusing on adjustments made (and verifying who made them and why) to find possible cases of fraud, it is still considered tedious work. Having a background in R&D and with expertise in IT, Vivenics is working towards an audit trail review application. By sucking up all big data and allowing specific algorithms to do their work, suspected data entries and changes to recorded data should automatically surface.

Platform independent

Such data behaviour may include a change in the composition of a recipe that is not accounted for or administration rights that are, temporarily, attributed to certain employees. To ease the burden even further, the app will be human readable, intuitive and platform independent. So keep a watchful eye on future developments at Vivenics!
While writing this blog, I noticed that my own backyard needs some maintenance as well. So with your kind permission, and that of the grass of course, I will now do some serious lawn moving first.

Petrik Cuijpers

Managing Director Vivenics

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