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Cybersecurity Assessments and Protection

Vivenics cybersecurity experts will help protect your organisation and guide you on how to prevent and mitigate cyber risks.

Information Security Policy

We can draw up a security policy that will enhance the overall security posture of your organisation and provide guidelines on how your online systems and services should be used to minimise risks. We can review your existing policy and amend it and update it to the modern standards.

Vulnerability Assessment

A comprehensive test that includes network and system scanning for known vulnerabilities. The assessment we do will provide you with a report that will identify and categorise risks in your organisation and help you to mitigate them.

Security Awareness Training

Human errors are the main reason behind most of cyber security attacks, by disclosing confidential data to social engineering techniques. We can train your employees to make them aware of cybersecurity risks and enable them to recognise and react to cyber-attacks.

Project Management

Your Vivenics project manager will assemble a team to implement the new processes, systems and procedures (modes of operation) in your laboratory. The project manager will include your experts in the project plan, will direct them and will call for external specialists if needed. Of course, all in consultation with you. We guard the scope and progress, report regularly, and intervene where necessary to complete your project on time and within budget.

Vivenics experts:

Dedicated Informatics Solutions

Vivenics collaborates with a few carefully selected partners for generic lab informatics systems. Furthermore we own valuable solutions to specific applications:

1. Animals!
Complete data management solution for in vivo studies.

2. Cellline
System for the management of cell lines.

3. Audit Trail Portal
A tool to review your audit trails more easily (in development).

4. Literature and text mining
To discover unexpected correlations and possibilities (in collaboration with Tenwise).

Lab Automation

Most lab equipment is managed and supported by a PC based application. Vendors usually have little knowledge of the typical requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and topics like 21 CFR part 11 requirements. Vivenics has specialised knowledge how best to secure the PC and the application and how to ensure all data integrity requirements are covered.

Vivenics experts:

Data Integrity Remediation

Based on a data integrity analysis, we fix all IT-systems and –procedures in a risk-based remediation project.


We arrange all programs to introduce your employees to the new systems and processes. We have, for example, developed an offline game to make people aware of the importance of data integrity.


IT support in a lab differs from IT support in an office environment. We configure lab computers ‘fit for purpose’ and will implement measures such as security, imaging and data backups to minimize the risk on down-time and data loss. We offer both one-time services like PC configuration as well as recurring services to maintain the status of your lab system.

How we work

Choose your own way of working with Vivenics. You can hire our expertise on a time & material basis or ask us to make a project quotation based on the job and/or requirements definition.

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