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Our EU and UK GDPR representative services offer includes:

  • Art. 27 GDPR compliant representative service located in the European Union, acting as a one-stop-shop for all EU Member States
  • Art. 27 UK GDPR compliant representative service located in the United Kingdom
  • Generic services adopted to specific legislation when needed, like the Clinical Trial, Pharma Covigilance and Medical Device Regulations and corresponding CTA’s and ICF’s
  • Easy access and availability at any time for data subjects and authorities
  • A structured, efficient process adjusted to the customer’s needs, supporting the collection of all necessary information (including identification of the requestor)
  • Unlimited handling of requests from data subjects and supervisory authorities
  • Quick and efficient onboarding with low impact

It’s a legal requirement, but:

A GDPR representative should be the least of your worries!

Please use our contact form to get a tailored offer for your organization.

We will respond in 24 hours.

Why Vivenics?

Vivenics is a no-nonsense Dutch company.

Our GDPR team has a proven track record as reliable representatives for non-EU companies since 2016.

We provide a high level of security for all your GDPR obligations.

A designated lead contact will be assigned to every individual customer.

The Vivenics approach is results-driven, optimized for easy use and for optimal communication with stakeholders, partners, data subjects and authorities.

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GDPR EU Representative Services

Choose the Representative you trust

Selling goods to EU citizens and based outside the EU?

Or selling services to EU companies?

You are obligated to appoint a EU GDPR representative as contact person on privacy for your customers and authorities.

Our representative service is based on a clear contract and flat fee rate, so there are no hidden extra costs. We provide both EU and UK GDPR representative services.

Using Vivenics as your Representative is easy: we can start immediately, avoiding a lengthy implementation plan.

GDPR Privacy Policy

Communicate via your Privacy Policy

Be clear to your customers and partners.
Use privacy as a positive distinctive feature.

Believe us: a privacy policy of 34 pages is too long.

We provide you with a professional privacy policy adapted to your situation and business: a privacy policy which is both readable and compliant.

GDPR Cookies


We agree: cookie banners are very annoying for your visitors.

But you have to follow the privacy law and be clear which cookies you use.

There are many solutions available on the market. The most expensive are not always the right choice.

We can help you with implementing a very time-saving cookie management system and the right wording for your cookie statement.

GDPR Awareness

Increase Awareness in your Organization

It is a fact that 98% of all data breaches are a result of human error. Help your employees to have the right knowledge and right behaviour to avoid these as much as possible.

The most difficult part of the awareness program is to reach out to your employees without being the dry, clean, and sleep-inducing messenger.

We have learned the lessons and we know how to get your employees involved and enthusiastic, without expensive campaigns.

GDPR Data Breach

Prevent a Data Breach

Your first goal should be to avoid data breaches.

But then it’s vital to know how to do this, right?

What are the most common causes and how do you prevent your company from massive reputation loss or a big fine?

Note that human errors are by far the most common cause of data breaches.

GDPR Processor Agreement

Data Processor Agreement

It is in your interest to avoid issues with your partners who process personal data on your behalf. This might be computer and IT companies, but also process service providers.

Data processing agreements are the means to secure your interests. Especially when the personal data is processed outside the EU.

It is not only about obligations, liability and penalties. It is also about good partnership and cooperation in case of data breaches or customers executing their rights.

We have developed honest, solid and fair agreements, which we can tailor to your specific situation.

GDPR Privacy Gap Analyses

Bridge the Gaps and lower your Risks

Privacy and compliance are risk management efforts: know your biggest risks and address them first.

Use your money wisely.

Our lean approach will help to define where the biggest gaps are and how you can mitigate them.

Now is the time to check if your organization is privacy proof. We can determine your level of privacy maturity.

The report of findings will be to-the-point and very practical to make the next steps.

GDPR Register

GDPR Register - Show you are in Control

The GDPR obligates you to maintain a record of personal data processing activities.

Many register tools are on the market. From a simple Excel sheet to the most sophisticated automated tooling. Choose the one that fits your needs best. The largest and most expensive tool is not always the best choice.

We have knowledge of these tools, worked with them and implemented them.

Let us advise you how to choose the right tool and how to keep the personal data in the register up to date when your business processes change.

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