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GDPR GAP Analysis

GAP Analysis: a Risk Management Effort.

  • Privacy Maturity

  • Lower your risk

  • Identify the gaps

  • Mitigate

  • Practical next steps

Everybody doing business in Europe must comply to the European laws, also to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the country specific implementation laws. Full Stop!

But 100% compliance doesn’t exist and should not be the ultimate goal.

The privacy regulation is only in force since 2018 (after it has been passed in 2016). More jurisdiction is needed to clarify the different interpretations as they exist today. The balance between compliance and business interest is important. Long existing processes can be looked at again and made more efficient. We help you to reach the right level of compliance.

We recognize different levels of maturity within different companies. The challenge is to identify the right level and implement steps to reach the next level.


GDPR privacy maturity model
GDPR Risk severity matrix

2. Mitigate.

Based upon the outcome of the risk severity matrix we will take the extreme and high risks and propose best practice actions to mitigate the specific risks. Actions might lead to prevent the risk from happening, to lower the risk, or to transfer the risk.

We will tailor the actions to your specific business characteristic. They will fit your business.

3. Practical next steps

Implementing the actions does not need to be done in big implementation projects. A lean approach of implementing the actions one-by-one, based upon your priorities can be done.

The plan-do-check-act cycle will help you to measure the effectiveness of the actions.


What’s next

Spend your money wisely.

Let us identify your biggest risks and give you advice on how to mitigate them, by using our lean approach, tailored to your needs.

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