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Game, set and ‘health’ to…

In several ways, business is quite like sports. It’s about excelling, beating competition, showing perseverance and stimulating talented people. Vivenics Director Petrik Cuijpers is among those fanatics who feel just as comfortable in the business game as in sports. Having a passion for both playing tennis and promoting young talent, Petrik decided to sponsor his local tennis club TOZ for the next three years.

Promoting young talent

The Vivenics logo and name are printed on the front of the T-shirts, along with the name of a local tennis shop. Says Petrik: “Being active in the niche market that we find ourselves in, there is obviously not much sense in promoting our company among the local community. Having played at TOZ tennis club in Oss for many years, I have grown attached to the club and its players. As a result I feel a certain degree of responsibility for the continuity of the club. At the same time, there is this desire to help the most talented young players in the age of roughly between 10 and 17 years to take their skills to the next level.”

Best ‘medicine’ of all

“In a way, sports also beautifully supplement our line of business which is primarily about curing people. But, as we all know, physical exercise is still one of the best medicines we have.” According to Petrik, the boys and girls are quite happy with the sponsoring agreement. The picture above serves as perfect proof of that. As TOZ has no specific dress code, all members are, to a certain extent, free to choose what clothes they wish to play in. “Having their brand-new uniforms sets them apart from other members and fills them with pride. I actually know the feeling as I am wearing the sponsored items myself too!”

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