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Don’t worry, be weary…

I am tired. I mean really, really tired. A multitude of projects, constantly shifting between several focus areas and working overtime have worn me out. The bright side of it is that people who are in the state that I am in now tend to be more open to creative thoughts and self-reflection. The outcome of my unanticipated contemplation actually took me a little by surprise.

Back to our roots…and beyond!

Stepping out of my comfortable but sometimes blinding bubble allowed me to take a brief look at myself and Vivenics from a third-party perspective. It didn’t take long for me to see that, without fully realizing it, we have gone back to our roots…and beyond! After all, only three years ago, Vivenics was only me and I was more or less operating in survival mode. Throughout 2016 however, a range of substantial data integrity and computer validation projects, among other things, gave fresh impetus to the company.

Renewed website

A representation partnership with global informatics solution and service provider Dotmatics, an extensive assignment for the Swiss-based Debiopharm Group as well as our membership of Pistoia Alliance were all milestones that mark our course (back) towards data quality/management and research & bioinformatics. Not instead of but on top of our existing data integrity services. Meanwhile our team has been supplemented by no less than 12 new colleagues, including part-time freelance staff. And new business opportunities for research informatics as well as a renewed website are well on their way to being materialized.

No wonder I am feeling exhausted! Or should I say ‘was’, since I am already feeling somewhat refreshed after sharing these personal thoughts with you. So next time you are experiencing feelings of weariness or exhaustion yourself, just step away from it all for a little while and who knows what new and surprising insights you may discover!

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