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Dotmatics Implementation Support


Description Assignment
Debiopharm, a Swiss biopharmaceutical company, decided to start implementing the Dotmatics data management software suite. To speed up the implementation they reached out to Vivenics, as Vivenics is an implementation partner of Dotmatics. At first, the assignment for Vivenics was to alleviate pressure on the Debiopharm team that was working on the Dotmatics project. The assignment then grew to also include curation of legacy data from CROs captured in Excel sheets to a dedicated database and prepare it for a streamlined upload in the Dotmatics system through a KNIME-like data processing solution.

Vivenics solution
A Vivenics Dotmatics software consultant has helped to set up the Dotmatics system for Debiopharm. Bi-weekly meetings between our consultant and Debiopharm ensured that the implementation of Dotmatics was done to the highest degree of quality. Thorough knowledge of Browser and Studies ensured that the Dotmatics suite was set up correctly, and moreover extensive knowledge of Microsoft Excel ensured that all data from Debiopharm is properly transferred to the new and now complete Dotmatics database. This resulted in a cleansed database with excellent quality data that will provide future value for the customer.

Debiopharm has made big steps to move from ‘dark’ data in local Excel sheets to all data being available in a centralised Dotmatics system. This allows the scientists in Debiopharm to leverage their existing data, prevent duplication of work and gain new insights from their data. Finding the right scientific data has never been so easy for Debiopharm.

Working together with our customers instead of working for them makes us work more like a team, moving towards a common goal of making research data available to all scientists, because science is built on information.

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