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Benefits of our Privacy Implementation Support:

  • Flexible support to match your needs
  • Certified privacy experts
  • Systematic method to transition from current state to target state
  • Risk-based approach for clear priorities and maximum results with minimum effort
  • Proven standards and best practices reduce time and resource costs
  • Specialised expertise in privacy for Life Sciences
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Privacy compliance maturity improvement

How Our Privacy Implementation Support works

With our service, you have direct access to certified and seasoned privacy professionals. We assist with both ad hoc challenges (such as DPIAs or data breaches) and a structured, systematic implementation approach to elevate your privacy compliance.

Expertise about everything you need

Our experts are experienced privacy professionals who have served as DPOs, implementation partners, change agents, and privacy officers. They bring their extensive experience to solve the challenges that you face. On top of that, our experts are certified by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).

We support a wide range of privacy compliance activities, including policies and procedures, privacy notices, DPIAs, data breaches, data subject requests, records of processing activities, processing agreements, international data transfers, cookies, training, awareness, security, and third party management.

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Support in any stage of your compliance journey

For a project-based implementation approach, we have developed our Privacy Maturity Framework. This framework helps you to identify where you stand, where you need to go, and how to get there. We typically start with a Privacy Scan, followed by recommendations for improvement.

Privacy Maturity Scale

Subsequently, we help you to implement these improvements in a risk-based way. We determine clear priorities with you that align with regulatory expectations and business reality. High-risk compliance gaps are resolved first, ensuring that clinical trials and other critical processes can be executed as planned and trust from internal and external stakeholders is retained (including trial participants, investigators, and inspections). Our implementation path is based on our extensive experience and the standards that we have developed over time. We have undertaken this journey many times and will guide you in the right direction, all while taking into account your specific needs and constraints.

Experts in Life Sciences

The Vivenics Privacy team has its roots in the Life Sciences. All of our experts have supported Life Sciences companies in addressing the unique privacy compliance challenges that this industry faces. Whether it involves privacy requirements for informed consent forms, the interaction of GDPR and GxP regulations, or the integration of procedures in your quality management system, we know how to do it.


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