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Data Integrity: game on or game over?

To optimise data integrity and maintain your DI performance at the highest level, participating in our current masterclass is certainly helpful but may not entirely do the trick. For DI awareness to become second nature, more efforts and tools are required. So we decided to make our own contribution to the gamification trend and developed our very own, customisable DI game. No flashy app but a good old-fashioned ‘goose board’ game. Admittedly, it’s a child’s play but one with very mature implications.

Animated discussions

Up to eight couples of two players have to answer DI-related questions in order to make it to the finish first. A little to our own surprise, employees from the work place up to higher management (including ‘the board’) were all sucked into the game which resulted in animated discussions. In about two hours, the questions lead players through topics ranging from authorisation of users rights to data protection procedures. During the subsequent evaluation, a translation of the findings to the individual company situation is made. Even though the game was initially designed around the Dutch version of Santa Claus, it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to tailor the game to the specific needs of any organisation.

Revealing DI gaps

Our Quick Scan or Audit Service may be a little less playful but is just as meaningful. By filling in a detailed questionnaire, under the supervision of Vivenics, life science organisations can easily determine to what extent their systems are DI-proof as it will almost automatically reveal existing data integrity gaps. The scan is derived from ISPE guidelines (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering) or best practices, enriched by our experience with the daily practice. Needless to say, Vivenics will help you fill these gaps to stay ahead of the game!

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