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Continued growth in a challenging year

2020 is a challenging year for everyone, including Vivenics. But we’ve succeeded to continue our growth!

Growing attention for data integrity…

Our clients are very satisfied by the quality of the Vivenics staff, and existing projects have resulted in follow-up projects. Many in the field of data integrity. We currently see a shift from remediation of former manual processes to fully digital processes, where lab equipment is connected to corporate data management systems and no manual intervention is required. As all raw lab data are directly entered in these corporate systems, and not only the analysis results, there will be an explosion of data in the corporate systems. We expect data science and AI/ML projects in the future to mine these data for interesting patterns and new insights.

…and cyber security

As the amount of data grows rapidly together with the number of computerized lab systems and interfaces with data management systems, also the risks grow. Raman Dar has a BSc in cyber security and forensics and joined our team to help our clients identify their vulnerabilities and implement preventive measures.

Validation assignment for MSD Animal Health  

Ymke van Sprang joined our team in November and started working on a new assignment at one of our new clients. MSD Animal Health is building a new vaccine facility and Ymke is the project lead for the validation of all new manufacturing equipment. The project is under tight timelines, and many of the staff are working in shifts to ensure the facility is ready by the end of Q1 2021.

Text mining and analysis with Vortex

In the partnership with TenWise we’ve initiated a project for text mining in the PubMed literature database with Dotmatics Vortex as a frontend. Intern Elaine Hodenius has developed several scripts, so users that have a research dataset in Vortex can retrieve literature references of relevance back in Vortex. They can then analyse the data with Vortex heat maps and use it to decide e.g. which diseases are correlated to the start data set. Of course this also works with other input parameters than genes and other correlated output than diseases. The experience with scripting in Vortex has resulted in a new project contract with Debiopharm.

Vivenics as GDPR representative in the EU

We see a growing interest in data privacy, and our GDPR services. Due to Brexit, many UK based organisations that do business in the EU need to have a GDPR Representative in the EU next year. We’re promoting our services via social media, and have created a special GDPR landing page on our web site. This has attracted a lot of traffic and several requests for additional information and quotes.

Dotmatics in the picture

You can’t claim IP on dodgy data, that’s what more and more R&D organisations understand. Recently we started a project for Belgian Based Confo Therapeutics. Damien Steenbrink helps them to upload many protocol based data files into their Dotmatics data management system. Together with Dotmatics we’ve recently provided several demos for other companies that are interested in a Dotmatics based platform.

We keep working on new products and services. We hope to announce more exciting news next year. For now we wish you happy holidays, and look forward to catch up with you in 2021. Stay safe, stay healthy.
Petrik Cuijpers
Managing Director Vivenics

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