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Comprehensive new software for in vivo studies looking for ‘test animals’

With a background in both R&D and informatics, it was just a matter of time before Vivenics would launch their very own fully dedicated software solution for modern in vivo studies. Showing as much modesty as we can, we truly think this is great news for organisations engaged in pharmacology and pharmacokinetics. Covering the entire scope of in vivo research processes, it not only allows for considerable savings on your consultancy bills but reduces error-prone activities at the same time.

ZOO module

One of the main features is the ZOO module that contains and automatically recognises all basic descriptive data of the laboratory animals such as gender, weight, length and so forth. To this end, animals are tagged with a small transponder the size of a rice kernel after careful selection. Each time an animal passes an antenna (that comes with the solution) all data are automatically read out and displayed. To reduce the risk of making crucial mistakes, a broad range of animal models are embedded in the system. In this way, for example, a mouse or rat can never be administered say 500 grams of medicine, nor can a hamster weighing one kilogram be entered into the database.

Simple templating

End user templating is another feature that will result in happy faces as it no longer requires expensive consultants from outside the organisation to establish strict protocols for each new study. With our software, lab assistants can easily do the job within an hour or so. Determining the right, statistically relevant population of test animals is also done in a jiffy thanks to the calculation models that are incorporated in the system. Although observations in terms of well-being, activity level and the like still need to be done by lab staff, the burden of data capture and monitoring is eased considerably as well. The same goes for conducting analyses and producing reports for both internal and external purposes such as governments.


The software can be used by both large companies and SMEs as it is highly scalable. For your convenience, we also included many intuitive and self-explanatory elements. The solution is scheduled to be released beginning of next year, provided we find enough ‘test animals’ for finetuning. If you think there is room for improvement in conducting your day-to-day in vivo studies, please contact Vivenics. No tag required, a tie will do…

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