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Our mission

Vivenics wants to boost innovation and productivity in life sciences laboratories through data process optimisation and dedicated informatics solutions.

Our vision

In labs all over the world life sciences professionals discover ways to create a healthy, safe and sustainable world. Their efforts are recorded in data. The organisation of this research process defines the integrity of data, the quality of information and the possibilities for managing research and results. More and more R&D organisations recognize the importance of dedicated informatics solutions, but lack their own IT department. Vivenics offers them the required expertise and affordable (cloud based) solutions based on Software as a Service.

Our strengths

R&D informatics expertise:
Vivenics works with highly qualified experts with roots in Research & Development.

Lab dedicated software:
Complete suite of software solutions serviced by Vivenics and selected software partners.

A process-oriented approach:
Software is only a tool.

Affordable solutions:
With SaaS (Software as a Service), informatics solutions become operational expenses.

Our core values

  • Science driven
  • Customer focused
  • Reliable
  • Dedicated
  • Conscientious


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