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Your information is your asset

Vivenics empowers life science labs with FAIR and reliable data. We partner with progressive labs to build innovative digital solutions that turn data into valuable information that is needed for research and decision making.

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Cybersecurity is vital

Cybercrime is omnipresent. Our experts know the risks and detect weak spots in your ICT infrastructures and in the behaviour of employees. They define the best steps to overcome risks and implement key security controls to prevent cybersecurity threats.

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Privacy is a business value

Privacy compliance is not just mandatory. It strengthens your reputation and trust with your business relations. Vivenics supports organisations with a wide range of GDPR requirements and provides representative services for the EU and UK.

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Latest Blogs

Vivenics likes to make things clear. That’s why we write blogs about a great variety of topics, concerning IT, IT project management and application management.

Digital validation of computerised systems

Vivenics strongly believes that validation of computerised systems can be simplified and improved.  Modern technology especially supports the transition from a document and paper based approach to a record based…

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Data privacy

Our Data Privacy professionals support new and existing clients with their expertise. Besides privacy impact assessments, contractual support, privacy procedures, and process applications in our role as EU Representative –…

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Vivenics supports life sciences labs with data process optimisation, data integrity and dedicated informatics solutions.

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