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ALCOA principles: ‘healthy’ guidelines for data integrity -2-

Created on 18 April 2017. Posted in News articles

Assuming that the online marketing data we recently accessed are at least accurate and original, our first blog on the Attributability of data within the ALCOA framework was well-received by our readers. ...

Vivenics ‘European tour’ 2017

Created on 03 April 2017. Posted in News articles

... You can rest assured though, as this blog is about several opportunities in the upcoming months to either listen to lectures on Data Integrity or make an appointment with Petrik Cuijpers. Maybe not as ...

ALCOA principles: ‘healthy’ guidelines for data integrity -1-

Created on 20 March 2017. Posted in News articles

...  headaches when data integrity comes into play.  Other risk management considerations to ensure that data are attributable include: Are you using a system with separate applications for signing an ...

Is there a ‘cure’ for data integrity failure?

Created on 27 February 2017. Posted in News articles

... with people that mean the world to us. Call them ‘mission-critical’ relationships if you will. Except for honesty, which is a typically human characteristic, mission-critical data in turn demand similar ...

Avoid FDA warning letters by Fostering Data Accuracy

Created on 10 February 2017. Posted in News articles

... For us at Vivenics, this only proves yet again that we are not selling hot air with our daily efforts to optimize the processes for life science professionals. After all, there are better ways to promote ...

Our Partners

Created on 15 October 2012. Posted in Ongecategoriseerd

  Technology Partners   Collaborating with technology partners who are R&D driven enables us to provide our customers solutions that fit! As the Informatics portal hosting company we provide ...

Simplify your research informatics

Created on 19 September 2012. Posted in Ongecategoriseerd

... will ensure processes to run more efficiently. Navigate towards your goals with projects that fit your needs Configure your own R&D Informatics Portal One-stop shop includes generic ICT     ...