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Oh happy data (oh happy data…)!

Created on 28 June 2017. Posted in News articles

... - unlike grass - indulge in the keen interest of internal and external reviewers. Here, it is the reviewer who should be pitied. If it is up to Vivenics, the suffering will soon be over. Audit trail ...

Data Integrity: game on or game over?

Created on 26 May 2017. Posted in News articles

... life science organisations can easily determine to what extent their systems are DI-proof as it will almost automatically reveal existing data integrity gaps. The scan is derived from ISPE guidelines (International ...

Vivenics ‘European tour’ 2017

Created on 03 April 2017. Posted in News articles

... seats are no longer available for Oss. To serve those who missed out, this event will be repeated on 6 June in Zwijndrecht (Belgium).   24 - 25 May: GDDIF, London (UK) The 10th Annual Global Discovery ...

ALCOA principles: ‘healthy’ guidelines for data integrity -1-

Created on 20 March 2017. Posted in News articles

... guidelines to ensure that documentation is transparent and reliable and can be validated more effectively by the authorities. In the first of a series of five blogs, we will look at the attributability ...

Is there a ‘cure’ for data integrity failure?

Created on 27 February 2017. Posted in News articles

... with people that mean the world to us. Call them ‘mission-critical’ relationships if you will. Except for honesty, which is a typically human characteristic, mission-critical data in turn demand similar ...

Avoid FDA warning letters by Fostering Data Accuracy

Created on 10 February 2017. Posted in News articles

... susceptible to harming your data integrity, co-delivering an audit trail or log file by suppliers has become mandatory. As we feel an obligation to be accountable in our turn, we will explain more about ...

Simplify your research informatics

Created on 19 September 2012. Posted in Ongecategoriseerd

... will ensure processes to run more efficiently. Navigate towards your goals with projects that fit your needs Configure your own R&D Informatics Portal One-stop shop includes generic ICT     ...