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Project services

Created on 24 September 2012. Posted in Category

Navigate towards your goals with projects that fit your needs Our consultants have extensive experience in the field of Research Informatics. Vivenics provides - Consultancy - Project Management ...

Generic IT services

Created on 24 September 2012. Posted in Category

One-stop shop includes generic ICT If you’re located on the Pivot Park Oss you can also benefit from our presence for your generic ICT services. These services include secure data storage, filesharing, ...

Application services

Created on 24 September 2012. Posted in Category

Configure your own Research Informatics Portal On our Vivenics Informatics Portal you can create your own toolbox for an integrated data management solution by selecting the modules that are relevant ...

Where Art Thou, Precious Content?

Created on 31 October 2018. Posted in News articles

... way using certain algorithms to provide you with relevant content from your social media accounts. But how do I know beforehand what is relevant and what isn’t? After all, I want to be taken by surprise, ...

Security sells…..but who’s buying?

Created on 27 August 2018. Posted in News articles

... so far, paid off:   I avoid open Wi-Fi and only communicate through a VPN. I encrypt all data on my laptop. In case this is not a standard functionality offered by your OS, there are plenty of ...

GDPR: the months after….

Created on 06 August 2018. Posted in News articles

... their own. The market is now flooded with all kinds of GDPR compliance tools, templates and schemes to draw up your very own processing agreements, including the use of ‘open GDPR’. A fresh pair of ...

When will labs stop Excelling and start excelling?

Created on 23 July 2018. Posted in News articles

... the place also implies selling your research data.   Our own little ‘experiment’ How impressed do you think the potential buyer will be when they find out that most, if not all of the precious data ...

Vivenics and Dotmatics join forces

Created on 06 June 2018. Posted in News articles

... about our brand-new partnership and how your organisation can benefit from it, please contact Petrik Cuijpers   ...

Let the ‘Ten Commandments’ (of Fair Information) set you free

Created on 01 February 2018. Posted in News articles

... of personal data.” For an in-depth explanation of how to embed them within your organization, please contact our DPO (Data Protection Officer) team via Petrik Cuijpers. Please bear in mind that, unlike ...

Which path will you take on the road to data integrity?

Created on 20 December 2017. Posted in News articles

... some of the systems as a result. Either approach or a combination of the two may work for organizations, depending on their individual situation and degree of data integrity compliance.” Does your ...

A data integrity survey keeps you out of ‘dire straits’

Created on 07 December 2017. Posted in News articles

... With inspectors becoming ever more literate in IT skills, this is a growing challenge. If your organization wants to stay out of ‘dire straits’, you know what to do. We are just a call or email away.  ...

ALCOA principles: ‘healthy’ guidelines for data integrity - 5 -

Created on 17 July 2017. Posted in News articles

... across all levels of your organisation. To wrap it all up, we will now address the final principle of ‘accurate’. The term accurate means data are correct, truthful, complete, valid and reliable. Basically, ...

Oh happy data (oh happy data…)!

Created on 28 June 2017. Posted in News articles

... independent. So keep a watchful eye on future developments at Vivenics!  While writing this blog, I noticed that my own backyard needs some maintenance as well. So with your kind permission, and that of ...