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GDPR: the months after….

Created on 06 August 2018. Posted in News articles

... When combined with auditing services, you can kill two birds with one stone. Rooted in the world of data integrity and auditing, we are more than capable of being of assistance. To put it in cycling ...

Embracing the future through ColLABoration

Created on 09 April 2018. Posted in News articles

... Its main objective is to lower the barriers to R&D innovation in life science through pre-competitive collaboration. Themes range from Blockchain Data Integrity and AI to virtual research and bringing ...

Blogging: the year after

Created on 17 January 2018. Posted in News articles

... to share our main expectations and organizational developments with you. Core activities and developments Currently, we have five employees working in the field of data integrity and computer system ...

Drug manufacturers are fleecing us, or maybe not?

Created on 30 October 2017. Posted in News articles

... by nature we decided to immerse ourselves in the subject and came up with some staggering results. Negligible First of all, data integrity, which is so closely associated with the pharmaceutical industry, ...

Vivenics at the forefront of worldwide R&D innovation

Created on 04 October 2017. Posted in News articles

... expanding our data integrity and data privacy services which include a quick scan for companies on DI, simplifying audit trail reviewing and gamification. On top of that, we are in negotiations with a ...

Wizards of ‘Oss’ celebrate a brand new day

Created on 06 September 2017. Posted in News articles

...  This will more than likely translate into substantial synergies in terms of standardization, reduced TCO and quality improvement, including data integrity. Data exchange and use of standards like Allotrope ...

Vivenics ‘European tour’ 2017

Created on 03 April 2017. Posted in News articles

... You can rest assured though, as this blog is about several opportunities in the upcoming months to either listen to lectures on Data Integrity or make an appointment with Petrik Cuijpers. Maybe not as ...

Avoid FDA warning letters by Fostering Data Accuracy

Created on 10 February 2017. Posted in News articles

Companies involved in the life sciences industry, either in the pharmaceutical industry, food or other trades, are all fully aware of their responsibility to ensure data integrity at all times. We expect ...